Who is seen in One-Stop Prostate Clinic London?

Men above the age of 40 years who have urinary symptoms like frequency, poor stream, sensation of incomplete voiding are suitable for the prostate clinic

How is the assessment carried out?

  1. The International Prostate Symptom Scoring (IPSS): You will be asked to fill in this form. It assesses the severity of your prostate symptoms
  2. Clinical assessment: History and examination and discussion of investigations proposed
  3. Investigations in the clinic
  4. Discussion of the findings and advice

What can go wrong with the prostate?


There are 3 main diseases of the prostate. You will be screened for these conditions.

  • Benign Prostatic Enlargement (age-related non-cancerous enlargement of prostate)
  • Prostatitis (Inflammation/infection of prostate)
  • Cancer of prostate



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One-Stop Urology Clinics


Mr Vinod Nargund holds regular One-Stop Urology Clinics at Create Urology, Harley Street, London. The One-Stop Urology Clinics include a complete assessment of specific areas of Urological and male reproductive health in only one visit, including:

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