What the Patients Say

Thank You - Testimonial

A friend of ours recommended to see Mr. Nargund when my wife was diagnosed with cancer and required an urgent nephrectomy.  In spite of the anxiety we faced, from the outset, Mr. Nargund gave us confidence as to the path forward.  Whilst candid in his assessment, he explained in very simple terms the medical diagnosis, the nature of the operation my wife would undergo and thereafter, her recovery plan.

The operation was arranged with minimal fuss and soon behind us but then, in addition to the expected medical support, Mr. Nargund took time to help my wife with the emotional challenges she faced as a cancer patient.

In the following months, when the medical treatment was complete and at his own behest, Mr. Nargund continued to check up as to the wellbeing of my wife.

Mr. Nargund came highly recommended to us and three years on, we fully understand why.  A true and caring professional.

Testimonial - Thank You Vinod

I have known Mr Nargund now for 7 years. I was diagnosed with a tumour on my right kidney in January 2008 and it was recommended by my consultant that I should have my kidney removed as the tumour was in a difficult place for the tumour alone to be removed. I subsequently contacted Mr Nargund for a second opinion. He informed me that although it would be tricky, he was fairly confident he could remove the tumour, allowing me to keep the kidney. Mr Nargund operated in March 2008 and was successful in performing a partial nephrectomy, keeping my kidney intact. Had I not consulted Mr Nargund, I would have lost my kidney.

I have always found Mr Nargund to be extremely pleasant, with an excellent bedside manner, as well as being an extremely skilled surgeon.  At times I was probably a difficult patient, but he always listened sympathetically to my concerns and did his best to reassure me.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr Vinod Nargund to anyone needing advice or surgery in the field of his expertise.

Mrs EC