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We hold regular One-Stop Urology Clinics at Create Urology, Harley Street

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Vinod Nargund Mr. Vinod H. Nargund

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Had I not consulted Mr Nargund, I would have lost my kidney.

London Urologist is an expert and pioneering centre in specialist urology services. The centre is open 6 days a week and provide emergency advice services 7 days a week.

London Urologist provides the latest and expert diagnosis and care in male infertility, testicular problems, prostate conditions, bladder conditions, kidney diseases and erectile dysfunction. ‘One-stop clinics’ are available for all these services to provide immediate and expert diagnosis with an aim to provide assessment and treatment without delay.

Men who simply want to find out how fertile they are and how to improve their sperm quality can attend for a consultation and specialised sperm tests in one visit with tailored advice to help them promote their natural fertility. Several modern life-style factors can affect male fertility. Early advice to improve life style and to address any hormonal or testicular problems could improve natural fertility.

If there is a severe sperm problem expert IVF/ICSI services and sperm aspiration could be provided within the same centre. Vasectomy reversal by microsurgical techniques and surgical sperm aspiration services are also available.

Those who have testicular pain or swelling can be benefited by ‘one-stop’ testis clinic where expert diagnosis and care are provided. If testicular cancer is diagnosed advice and treatment is provided by pioneering consultant and his team.

Urinary infections (cystitis) and kidney disorders including cancer are dealt with promptly and using latest technology. Those who are worried about erectile dysfunction will receive expert and confidential care in this specialist centre.

The consultant and surgeon leading this service is Vinod Nargund who is an expert in the field and has pioneered many surgical techniques in this specialist area. Mr Nargund has expertise in Andrology (male fertility and erectile problems) and oncology (urological cancers)

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