Bladder May 29, 2014

Bladder Cancer (BC): Symptoms

Due to the contact between the growth in the bladder and urine, the most common symptom of bladder cancer is presence of blood in the urine also known in medical terms as haematuria. Even if blood appears only once, medical advice should still be sought as soon as possible. Sometimes bleeding may not be seen […]

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Bladder October 9, 2013

Cigarette Smoking also causes Urological cancers, not just Lung Cancer

Cigarette smoking causes cancer Many people don’t realize that smoking also causes other cancers, not just lung cancer. The toxic chemicals in the smoke not only affect the smokers but also non-smokers in the vicinity of smokers. Not surprisingly cigarette smoking also affects urinary tract. It is well known now that smoking is a leading […]

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Bladder July 11, 2013

Men's Cancer

Background information and advice about cancers specific to men, including symptoms and causes, treatment and after care.

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Bladder July 3, 2013

Urological Emergencies

What is an urological emergency, Acute testicular pain, Blood in the urine, Fracture penis, Kidney Pain and colic, Paraphimosis, Permanent erection, Severe urinary infection, Spinal cord compression, Torsion Testis, Urinary retention

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