One-Stop male infertility

The aim is to provide a fast-track assessment and advice on fertility of male partners during a single outpatient visit. A diagnosis of the possible cause of infertility will be established, and specialist and expert advice will be offered. Appropriate treatment options will be recommended. In some cases further tests may be needed.

Who is seen in One-Stop Male Infertility Assessment Clinic?


Men who are unable achieve pregnancy after regular unprotected sex for at least a year. The term ‘primary’ fertility refers to inability to achieve first pregnancy and  ‘secondary’ refers to achieve subsequent pregnancies. Fertility problems do not generally manifest with any symptoms.

Prior to the consultation you will be asked to have:

  1. sperm test
  2. blood hormone tests

How is the assessment carried out?

  • Clinical assessment: You will be assessed by the Urologist/Andrologist with clinical history and examination.
  • Discussion of investigations proposed
  • Investigations at the time of visit
    • Midstream Urine (MSU) (Dipstix)
    • Semen analysis (usually pre-arranged so that results are available at the time of consultation)
    • Blood for hormone tests (will not be done if semen analysis is normal)
    • Additional tests that are not included: Ultrasound testes, PSA (in men above 45 years of age), Genetic studies
  • Discussion of the findings and advice

What can go wrong with fertility?


There are 3 main types of causes of male infertility. You will be screened for these conditions.

  • Testicular: Injury, infection, cancer, birth defects (undescended), Medications, alcohol & smoking
  • Post-testicular: Obstruction to the sperm passage- cystic fibrosis, vasectomy
  • Pre-testicular: mostly related to hormonal causes, Kleinfelter syndrome
  • Miscelllaneous: Ejaculatory disorders (premature ejaculation, retrograde or delayed ejaculation), erectile problems, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and stress

It is useful that you bring the results of tests, if you had any, in relation to your urinary system (kidneys, bladder) and genital system (testis, prostate).



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