Who is seen in One-Stop Testis Clinic?

Men of any age who have testicular swelling, testicular pain or absent or undescended testis are suitable for this clinic.

How is the assessment carried out?

  • Clinical assessment: History and examination and discussion of investigations proposed
  • Investigations in the clinic
    • Midstream Urine (MSU) (Dipstix)
    • Ultrasound of the testis (decided after examination)
  • Discussion of the findings and advice



Create Health Clinic
Suite 9; 103-105 Harley Street
London W1G 6AJ

Referrals and Enquiries

By phone:

020 7486 5566 (North London)
020 8947 9600 (South London)
Text: 07735000903
By fax: 020 7486 7070
Email: Please use our contact form

One-Stop Urology Clinics


Mr Vinod Nargund holds regular One-Stop Urology Clinics at Create Urology, Harley Street, London. The One-Stop Urology Clinics include a complete assessment of specific areas of Urological and male reproductive health in only one visit, including:

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