• Pain in the testis: Testicular pain may arise due to the conditions in testis or due to other organs which have same nerve supply as testis (e.g. kidneys). The pain coming from other organs is known as referred pain. The symptoms may appear at a short notice (acute) or gradually (chronic).
  • Swelling with or without redness: Swellings of the testicles could be benign or malignant. Acute conditions of the testis are usually accompanied by redness.
  • Symptoms due to injury to testis: Injuries of the testes are uncommon. Blunt injuries are more common than other types of injuries and usually restricted to the side of injury. The symptoms include pain and swelling appearing after the injury. Penetrating injuries of the scrotum and testis are caused by sharp objects.
  • Absent testis: As testicles develop in the abdomen and descend into the scrotal sac, sometimes there may arrest in the descent of the testis. In such cases scrotal sac is empty. In such cases testis may be found in the groin or inside the abdomen.

Fertility problems

  • Non-testicular symptoms: Because testicles produce testosterone – enlargement of breasts, erectile problems, blood in the semen, fever, urinary symptoms.

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