One Stop Clinic

We hold regular One-Stop Urology Clinics at Create Urology, Harley Street. The One-Stop Urology Clinics include a complete assessment of a specific area of urological and male reproductive health in only one visit:

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One-Stop Prostate Clinic
Clinical assessment of the prostate including PSA estimation, ultrasound of the bladder, urine analysis; advice

One-Stop Testis Clinic
Clinical assessment of the testes using ultrasound; advice

One-Stop Male Infertility Clinic
Includes a detailed semen analysis and a male endocrine profile; advice

One-Stop Erectile Dysfunction and Male Sexual Health Clinic
Clinical assessment; advice

One-Stop Haematuria Clinic
Clinical assessment, investigations that include Cytology/bladder antigen test; advice

To discuss a specific urological issue or to book an appointment, please contact us or call us on 020 7486 5566 OR

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